Seitan High FIves

Our vegan “wings.” I’m super happy with how they’ve turned out, and the reviews have been excellent so far. You can find them at Pogue’s Run Grocer (Indy’s Near-East Side), Good Earth (Broad Ripple), and Georgetown Market (West Side).

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Holiday Summary

It’s been a long time since I posted an update. Sorry about that. I’ve been pretty busy, and haven’t had that much time to update this bad boy.

Anyway, the Solstice Roasts sale went really, really well. I met my expectations and received excellent feedback. We did have a bit of an ordering snafu at Good Earth, so if you tried to order something from Good Earth and wasn’t able to just e-mail me at and I can give you a discount on your next order.

Because sales went so well, Pogue’s Run grocery has asked me to do a few vegan items for both Valentines Day and the Superbowl. I’ll have more information on both of those soon, but expect awesomeness.

Beyond that, I have some big plans for the New Year- much bigger than I would have anticipated when I started this about 6 months ago. More details when they are finalized, but I’m getting pretty excited.

If you want to eat some food for free, I will be doing some demos and classes in January.
January 7th I’ll be demoing food at Pogue’s Run 1 year celebration from 11-2.
January 10th I’ll be teaching a cooking class at Whole Foods in Carmel from 6-7:30.
January 28th I’ll be demoing food at Whole Foods in Nora.
And February 1 I’ll be teaching another class at Whole Foods in Carmel.

Hope to see you there!



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News From the Frontline of the “War On Obesity”

Looks like the days of ketchup counting as a vegetable in school lunches are back. Once again, big money wins over the health of our children.

According to Rogers, the House version of the ag-spending bill will likely [end up] preserving frozen pepperoni pizza’s status as a fruit/vegetable serving, so long as it harbors a bit of tomato paste.


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Killer Tofu’s Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

I’m not certain this is an extravaganza, but I am excited to announce that we will be making, selling, and delivering three separate vegan proteins.


For more information, contact us at, or call us at 317-690-9775. Indianapolis area only, please!

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Awesome Weekend!

We had an awesome weekend doing catering two dates with Big Things! Really good bands, awesome people, and- of course- some killer food. Thanks to everyone who came out and the people at Rachel’s Cafe (Bloomington) and Vibes Music (Indianapolis) for being helpful and friendly.

Here were the menus:

Thursday: Tofu CevicheĀ & Watermelon/Cucumber Soup

Friday: Rosemary Roasted Tofu & Butternut Squash Soup with Chili Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

The food turned out awesome and we received some great feedback!

We have a few excellent prospects on the horizon. I’ll keep everyone informed, but they should be beyond awesome.

Keep it killer,


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How To Win About 1000 Arguments in One Simple Chart

According to the US Public Interest Research Group (as cited by the Huffington Post), a huge majority of produce subsidies go to the manufacture of artificial sweeteners and junk food.

According to the study, a whopping $17 billion of the total $260 billion the government spent subsidizing agriculture went to just four common food addititives: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and soy oils. By comparison, the government spent just $261 million subsidizing apples,

and far less still supporting fruits and vegetables, like spinach, broccoli and blueberries, that public health experts say encourage better health.

They go on to say,

This is a key factor that makes junk food [cheaper] than healthy food — and, by extension, that makes many Americans obese.

Umm… Duh?

And while that’s shocking enough, here’s a pretty awesome chart I found a while back:

Look at this: Nearly 85% of all food subsidies go to meat, dairy, oils, starches and alcohol, whereas less than half of a percent go to fruits and vegetables. Do you want to know why we have an obesity epidemic? Want to know why apples are more expensive than twinkies? Want to explain McDonald’s dollar menu? Here you go.

I once was chided as a conspiracy theorist because my response to the (extremely tired) argument of “healthy food is too expensive,” was that unhealthy food was not inherently cheaper, but it was just heavily subsidized. This isn’t a conspiracy. Look at the chart.

So the next time a haughty-taughty Michael Pollan worshiper tries to tell you that vegetarianism is not accessible across class-lines, tell them to look at the chart. The next time your coworker tells you “vegetarianism works for you, but not all of us can afford organic arugula every night,” tell them to look at the chart. The next time your school lunch person gets mad because they can’t afford to include vegetarian options, tell them to look at the chart. The next time your Tea Party Uncle calls you a socialist hippy for not eating meat, tell him to look at the chart.

The problem isn’t the food. It’s the policy. It’s something we can (theoretically) change.

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How It All Started

A few months ago, my wife, Laura, and I had a conversation that ended like this:

“You’ve always loved cooking, Ian. Why haven’t you ever gone to culinary school?”

“I don’t know. It never seemed to…” [Silence.] “I don’t know.”

At that moment it seemed to click. Certainly, I still had passion for psychology (the area in which I was studying for graduate school), but damn, getting a PhD. was a long way away. I still had another year before I would feel ready to apply and I needed to do better on my GRE. Plus, with lack of federal funding for education, psychologists weren’t readily accepting graduate students, so regardless of how well I looked I still may not get in anywhere. And then I’d have to move, and it’d take another 4-6 years of my life. For some reason this made sense up to this point.

But it occurred to me: Hell, I may have had passion for psychology, but I FREAKING LOVE cooking. Especially vegan cooking. I should have probably realized it a few years ago- When birthday presents started transitioning from video games and Cubs gear to knife-sets and cook books. When I started having more fun grocery shopping than hanging out in bars, I should have figured it out. At this point, I’ve been vegan for 15 years. I cook for my family every night. I cook for everyone who comes over. I routinely am hanging out farmers’ markets. I know everyone who works at my local Whole Foods by name. It dawned on me: maybe I should look into this whole “cooking vegan food for people” thing.

So, I did what everyone does when they have a dramatic change in life plans: I posted about it on Facebook.

Hey Indy friends: Do you want a killer vegan/vegetarian meal? I’m trying to refine my cooking skills and need some more practice. So, if you get ahold of me, tell me what kind of food you like, and pay for the ingredients I will come over and cook you dinner. There probably will be plenty for several people (at least 4) and probably leftovers. Just send me a PM.

A few weeks later, I was propositioned a dinner for my friend Eleni and eight of her coworkers. We served a three course meal using locally grown ingredients, and, well- let’s just say that it went over pretty well. Pretty well enough that I was scolded by the diners for not having business cards and not trying to actually do this for real. Driving home that night, elated from the response and the absolute rush of having an entire party love my food, I decided to follow their advice. The next day Killer Tofu was born.

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